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spirulina benefits you

Department of Food Science and Nutrition stated that by taking Spirulina Benfits You when taking it daily in our diets, resulted in very significant beneficial effects in weight reduction.  This was due to its high content of all essential and non-essential amino acids including L-phenylalanine and L-tyrosine, which directly influences the levels of neurotransmitters in our brain which controls our appetite.  

To use Spirulina as your weight loss formula, all you need to do is either take it in powder form by adding 1 heaped teaspoon of Spirulina in water or freshly squeezed juice one hour before your meal time.  Or if you prefer tablets then take 2-3 tablets also one hour before your meals.  This then will make you feel satisfied, which will drastically reduce you over-eating.  

Note that tablets take a little more time to assimilate in your body than powder.  So try and plan ahead when you know when you are going to be hungry to prevent you from giving into your sugar and/or junk food cravings as Spirulina is known to curb these kind of cravings.  Note from author: I can say this with confidence as I have been taking Spirulina powder and I was totally amazed at how much my sugar cravings have been reduced and how less I eat daily.   

It is amazing how this green super whole food can help satisfy your body’s appetite. What is so great about it is that it is not a suppressant as such as it contains no drugs or chemicals that trick the body. It is simply a concentrated, easily digested natural nutritional whole food.   For you dieters out there it is important to note that Spirulina is rich in iron which is often found deficient in mainly women on low calorie diets. 

Because everyone’s metabolism and biochemistry are different, your weight loss results may differ from others. It is best to lose weight slow and steady and if you want to strengthen your diet program, increase the amount of nutrient rich Spirulina slowly in your diet plan in order to eat lighter meals. Note however that it is important to eat regular nutritious meals and NOT skip meals.

So go ahead and try Spirulina and find out for yourself how Spirulina Benefits You in your weight loss goals.

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spirulina benefits you

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spirulina benefits you




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